Bolus – microelements supply

We would like to introduce several new products from the company Casa Verde. In addition to already known species of boluses like PhocalTop, CalciTop, MineralTop, PrenaTop, JuniorTop or CalfTop, we would like to introduce innovations such as the twin CalfTop, IronTop, Bicatop, CuraTop and Actitop.

Firstly, it should be noted that all products are aimed for targeted and reliable supply of minerals and trace elements, which are released at specified daily quantities for animals needs. This is a nutritional supplement and the use has to be combined with pre-administered doses of minerals in the diet. Boluses do not replace mineral nutrition, but significantly thrive to their income, since their source after their submission is situated directly in the rumen of the animal.

Boluses with immediate effect are Calcitop and Phocaltop intended to combat milk fever and are extremely popular on farms in Germany and Swiss where can be this troublesome disease by calving completely avoided. The cause of milk fever is a lack of calcium in the blood. The risk is further enhanced by 2-3 calving and higher production. For preventing of milk fever prophylaxis we offer boluses with effective supply of calcium and phosphorus – CALCITOP and PHOCALTOP .

Boluses with sustained release are intended for the supply of micro-elements for a period of 4-6 months. This series of products includes Mineraltop, Prenatop, Juniortop Calftop and fully covering different needs at all stages of life of the animal. Using of these boluses acquires for farmers security of full income of vital elements in to the body of animal.


CALFTOP TWIN-Booster Bolus supply the young animal day by day with the trace elements
especially weakened calves from birth up to age of four months.
It contains trace elements in powder form for immediate effect and two
long term
Boluses for the gradual release of substances. Bolus can be given
immediately after birth to improve the overall vitality of the animal.

IRONTOP is a dietary health supplement for calves mainly after birth.
Bolus contains very well absorbed organic iron chelate
and additionally it is enriched with essential vitamins. No risk of
infection after injection! One IRONTOP Bolus cover the need of iron
for optimum start in life.

BICATOP is given to calves suffering from diarrhea. The body during
diarrhea loses a large amount of liquids and buffers. Bolus contains
Sodium bicarbonate as a buffer against the oxygenation of the body
and adds to calves the
flavor to drink. One BICATOP at the first sign of
diarrhea and then every three feeding
is highly efficient.

CURATOP is specially adjusted to the needs of the dry and
pregnant cows just before calving. Bolus supports calving
and a good start in to the lactation. Optimal timing for submission is at the beginning
Phase of standing dry. CURATOP bolus is effective over 10 weeks,
when it releases
in to the body trace elements and vitamins.

ACTITOP contains pure garlic as a bolus.
Garlic with its natural ingredients such as vitamins, enzymes,
minerals and trace elements activates metabolism and strengthens
of natural defenses – immunity.
In case of certain needs such as increasing of the number of somatic
cell it is recommended to give a prophylactic ACTITOP bolus, which is effective
for ten days. Bolus increases the natural resistance of the organism
and supports in the natural way the udder health of cows without the need of
the protection period for use of the milk

We would be glad to send you a very complete catalog of boluses. Just contact us via our Web form or at tel. +421 903 80 80 90

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Invitation Bull Parade 2015

Dear breeders and business partners. 5th of June is approaching and I would like to invite you to the thirteenth Bulls Parade in Zvolen. You will be able to seemore than 30 bulls which are used in holdings in Slovakia, enjoying good dulcimer music, taste our traditional goodies (goulash, roast lamb, boat ….) as well as whole roasted bull. During the lunch break you can view the near exports ISOKMAN trading company farm Ltd. in Bakova Jama where you be driven by COW BUS. For raffle we have prepared a number of awards as gift baskets, lawn mower, wellness stay, sightseeing tours, as well as the grand prize: ten day stay in Canada by the company SEMEX, where you will attended the royal winter exhibition, visit insemination center, dairy farms, NHL game and spend an unforgettable evening at Niagara Falls. I hope you find a bit of time in this hurried days and spend with us a pleasant day. I look forward to meeting you. Ing. Marian Ofúkaný, director

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