About Company

INSEMAS, Ltd was founded 07.10.1991, based on Haličská cesta 28 in Lučenec. Actually company disposes with:

  • authorization for breeding cattle
  • authorization for operating the AI center
  • registration number of AI center: ISB SR 03, issued by EU

Company organization:

  • Owner: Dituria a.s.
  • Director: Ing. Marián Ofúkaný
  • Import – Export: Rami Kukuli
  • Laboratory and warehouses: Eva Kováčiková

Breeding Bulls Station – ISB SR 03

  • station capacity is 62 Breedings bulls and fulfill all conditions for operating an AI center in EU
  • annual production is 400 000 insemination doses for domestic and abroad markets ( Turkey, Macedonia, Serbia, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, etc..)
  • testing at least 20 bulls for production and genomics
  • we cultivate 55 ha of land
  • since 2002 we awared 10 titles “Agrokomplex Champion” and “Golden Sickle” from National exhibition – Agrokomplex Nitra for exhibited bulls.
  • many awards for Insemas bulls daughters from professional fairs – Kočín, Podtureň, etc…

Our Activities

  • We provide sale of insemination doses through our dealers (breeding specialist) in Slovakia
  • sale on insemination doses of different breeds – Slovak spotted ( simmental ), Holstein, Red Holstein, Pinzgau, Montbeliard, Charolais, Limousine, Belgian Blue, or any other breed from all around the world.
  • sale of sexed insemination doses for a higher amount of heifers
  • Sale of insemination doses from young bulls with high breeding values obtained from genomic test
  • distribution and sale of embryos and technical aids for insemination
  • matings plans for individual farms and herds due to blood lines of cows
  • selection and preparation of animals for the professional exhibition
  • processing and sending of data on the inseminations into the breeders’ services Slovakia system
  • insemination technicians training
  • professional consulting in buying and selling of breeding material
  • embryo-transfer
  • hoof trimming